Tuesday, April 30, 2013

May is CIDP Awareness Month

I have had CIDP for over 20 years and I am just now finding out that May is CIDP Awareness Month. How sad is that? That is how bad I buried my head in the sand about this issue. I had my standard response of "it is like a cousin of MS". Once you throw that out there you will see people's head shaking in agreement. I never took the opportunity to be an ambassador for CIDP; I would have rather been one of the guys. I did not want to be that guy with the weird disease. This is not the case now. Over this past year I have been knocked completely flat by CIDP; this disease has taken away my abilities to walk, to work, and to drive; but it has not taken away my ability to fight.

In some of my darkest days I have been able to find comfort and harmony from reading the stories other CIDPers have shared. The comfort that I received from these stories made me realize the importance of sharing my story. I no longer want to just share my story; I want to bring attention to this disease.

My wife and I purchased and distributed over 300 bracelets(Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible by not only donated money, but also spreading the word). This is just a small gesture, but it sure seems like a powerful one.

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