Thursday, April 4, 2013

No more IVIG

Bryan: Today was somewhat of a bittersweet day; it's my last doctor's appointment at OSU before I head to Chicago. However, on the bright side I am stopping the IVIG infusions.

I am a little nervous about stopping the IVIG because I have been taking it for nearly 10 years. It just seems like my body has become resistant to this treatment option and I am no longer getting any benefits from them. So please say an extra prayer that the bottom does not fall out from underneath me before June.

The neurologist also took this opportunity to council me on the risks of putting all my hope into the stem cell transplant being my miracle cure. As much as I want this stem cell procedure to be my saving grace I also understand that nothing is 100% guaranteed. None of the treatments I have tried in the past have had any guarantees and they all had far less hope for the future. My biggest fear is for my family and the people who have stood by me during my relapses. I do not want them to be devastated if this trip to Chicago does not provide the future they have envisioned.

So, please remember my family in your prayers because I know this past year has been extremely difficult for them.

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  1. Pam Hinkle (Mom)April 5, 2013 at 3:36 AM

    Bryan, this is just like you to think of everyone else. We need you to be positive and keep believing buddy. I know all of this is unknown and I admire your courage to give this a shot. We (your family) will ALWAYS be right by your side, for whatever you need. We just need to keep praying. I know God has a plan and has brought you this far. I believe he will see you through this. Faith, Hope & Love, my son.