Monday, June 10, 2013

Cussin' Cabbie

Last week when Ann and I were in Chicago on our own, I thought it would be a good idea to take cabs in order to get a true sense of city life.  Well let's just say our two cab rides in Chicago will be unforgettable.  First, as mentioned in an earlier blog, we had the white knuckle ride from the airport to our apartment.  Then we had a profanity laced ride from our apartment back to the airport.  As we were leaving last Friday to go home, we hailed a cab in front of our apartment.  In my opinion, this ride started like any typical cab ride should.  The cabbie was more than gracious to load all of my medical equipment into his cab and take us to our desired destination.  As we pulled away from the curb and the initial small talk faded the crazy-eyed cussin' cabbie appeared.  It started with a profanity filled tirade aimed at another cab driver whose passenger was vomiting profusely out the back window.  Then his rants lead him to share a variety of off-color jokes.  During his uncomfortable monologues he somehow starts telling us about his 2300 square foot house which he shares with his overweight cat.  I don't know much about this cat, but he must have a good sense about people because the cabbie kept telling us about how this cat kept trying to bite him and how he then would cuss out his cat.  As the cussin' cabbie retold these stories you could feel the anger and tension building in the car as the wild-eyed cabbie relived and reenacted his arguments with his cat as we sped down the highway.  Every time he took his hands off the wheel and shook them violently at the imaginary cat in the passenger seat, my heart would pound profusely and an uncomfortable chuckle could be heard.  Now I am not one to judge a person and their relationship with their pets, but if you ask me a man who gives a cat its own room in the house with its own twin size bed may not need to look any farther to find the reason that remain single.  Moral of this story is from now on, transportation to and from the airport will only be handled by the experts at Go Airport Express.  No more cab rides for this Perry County couple!  We joined the ranks of the clinically insane as on this trip we did the unthinkable- we brought our own van. 

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  1. Cabbies can be some crazy folk...While in New York, our cabbie actually got into a fist fight with another cabbie. While we sat in the cab, he actually got out and preceded to get in a street fight with another cabbie, even knocking the other cabbie's turban off his head...Can't blame you for sticking with other transportation...But it does make for interesting stories!!