Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hurry up and wait

Not feeling very creative today, just wanted to update everyone on all of the tests done today. 

I don't know what is worse- running late to an appointment or sitting around waiting for an appointment. As late as we were on Monday, we were equally early today. It's funny how things tend to even themselves out in the long run.  I started off with my dental consultation.  Everything checked out and I guess you could say my pearly whites are pearly white.  Then we visited the "Blood Center" which is where my stem cells will be harvested.  A nurse from the blood center explained to us the process and answered any questions that we had.   Next I had a CAT scan done of my chest.  Finally, the moment arrived with my appointment with Dr. Burt.  Due to an elevated protein level in both my blood and urine Dr. Burt had to perform a bone marrow biopsy.  Then he explained that there was a minor issue with my echocardiogram and I will need to see a cardiologist next week.  The good news is that none of this should delay the transplant.  Also, Dr. Burt noticed that I was much weaker than when I first met him in January, therefore he wants me to start back on my IVIG transfusions again.  They will take place in the "Blood Center" starting tomorrow and lasting up until my stem cell transplant.  This was something that I was hoping to avoid, but I guess it is a necessary evil to help build my strength prior to the transplant.  All in all it has been a good day as we are moving closer to the transplant.  Just pray that the tests come back negative and that the IVIG helps to strengthen me and carry me throughout this journey. 


  1. I am so glad Dr. Burt and his team check everything out very well. You are in good hands and with the best of professionals. Thank you for calling me. I know all the tests will come back good. Praying and praying with each day that moves you closer to the Stem Cell Transplant. Love you Bryan and so proud of how brave and strong you are. <3

  2. So ... sounds like alot of needles to me ! Do you feel like a pin cushion ? Well, keep in mind we are all rooting for you and praying for you & Ann ! In my prayer tonight, I'm going to ask God to give me the pain of 1 of your needles tomorrow ( sorry, just 1 though, bcz I'm a big baby ) I could never do what you are doing !!! So tomorrow on FB, if you see I'm crying my eyes out bcz I was stung by a bee, just know, I took one for Team Bryan !!!