Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday, Monday

Not much is on the agenda for today (Monday June 24, 2013).  I had my labs drawn earlier. The doctors are wanting to get a complete blood count and rule out any active infection with my lung. I was told they would call me with the results later in the week.

I know this may sound weird. I am getting a little concerned that I am feeling so well. I feel better now than at any point I can remember over the past year. I have been warned that by Tuesday or Wednesday I should be really feeling the affects from the Neupogen shots. Time will tell.

As my stem cell harvest day quickly approaches, I am looking forward to coming home and spending time with family and friends before beginning the next leg of the journey. There are tough days in my future. I just know that everything I have gone through has led me, and prepared me, for this opportunity.

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