Monday, June 10, 2013

Shot Through The Heart

You know the 80's song, if not you're to blame!  So if you know the words, sing along.  On a more serious note, or not so serious note, last week I had a 2D echo of my heart and the tech who read the results felt that my heart did not relax quick enough.  I mean, really?  Does this tech know what I am going through?!  I am sure that I have been wound a little tight and excuse my heart for not relaxing.  Well, because this tech's report raised concern with Dr. Burt I was referred to a cardiologist.  Today I met with Dr. Shah and he reviewed my echo.  From Dr. Shah's perspective, my heart relaxes just fine I just happened to appear a little dehydrated.  I have no idea how that could be.  On the day of my echo I had not had a chance to eat or drink anything in about five hours since the start of my hectic test-filled day.  Hence the dehydration issue.  I understand that people have a job to do and some people do theirs better than others.  I am thankful that Dr. Shah signed off that my heart was strong and healthy enough to go through the stem cell transplant. So now one more hurdle has been jumped, one last bridge has been crossed, and one final "I" has been dotted.  I should have my final approval to continue the stem cell process sometime tomorrow.  An EMG later in the week and mobilization is in my near future.  All joking aside, I took comfort in knowing that my heart is healthy and not to blame.  Stay classy Perry County. 


  1. I always knew you had a great heart. Glad to hear dr shah thinks the same.!!! Aunt barb