Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day -5 ATG/Cytoxan

Day -5:
By Ann

So far we are rockin' and rollin'.  Bryan tolerated the Cytoxan today very well and the ATG is still infusing for a 10 hour time span.  Pre-Medications for Cytoxan were the same as in June.  They included the steroid, Ativan, Amend and Zofran.  In addition, he also takes Prilosec each morning now to combat the side effects from the steroid and chemo.  He is taking an anti-viral medication as well.  The Cytoxan ran for about 2 hours and then Lasix was started.  Pre-medications for the ATG were given and those included Benadryl and Tylenol and more steriods (dexamethasone).

Today has been a pretty uneventful day here.  Bryan has tolerated all treatments well so far.  This evening his appetite is not really there, but he doesn't feel sick which is a blessing.  Right now he is enjoying smoothies. My new favorite place to go is the Protein Bar in Galter Pavilion.  They have great protein smoothies like "Pier Nut Butter and Jelly" and "Millennium Perk".  I now have Bryan addicted to them as well, so thankfully they have a buy 8 get 1 free punch card. :)

This is the first evening that I will be spending the night at the hospital.  There is a little couch that folds over into like a twin bed and the recliner is pretty comfy so I have lots of options for the night. Bryan's night nurse "Lisa" has already been awesome.  She brought in loads of clean linens for me and is bringing Bryan a midnight snack.  And, to top it off she seems to enjoy her job.  Go figure?!  Love it.  This is how all nurses should try to be, in my opinion. 

I feel pretty relaxed and at peace this evening.  I haven't had this peace for a long time.  It has helped us tremendously to know that we are not only being taken care of here in Chicago but also our family and our home back in Ohio is being taken care of as well.  I have always known that God is with us always, but I haven't always felt the peace that only he can bring.  I have to work at giving everything to Him each day, because if not I start to think that I can handle my own problems and take the daily struggles of life upon myself.   Without God I am nothing and I am so thankful to Him each day for being the ultimate giver of all blessings.  I am confident that I would not feel this peace tonight if God was not with me.   I pray that through this stem cell transplant process that Bryan and I can use our experiences to touch others and share God's word and love with them.  I also pray that He will guide us in the direction that He wants us to go as we lay the basis for our Non-Profit organization that we plan to set up.  I know that our experiences here on Earth will not be without trials and temptations, but I know that with God on our side all things are possible. 

Photo: View from Bryan's hospital room at night.
The view from Bryan's hospital room at night. 

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  1. So well put, a few tears drifting down my face. Good tears :)