Sunday, July 21, 2013

Day + 5 Neupogen Shots

July 21, 2013:

Ann and I woke up feeling more rested after finally getting a good night's sleep. It amazes me how 4 hours of continuous sleep can have such a dramatic effect on my energy level. On the agenda for today was reintroducing the neupogen shots into my treatment. You may recall that after the mobilization process I took neupogen shots to stimulate my stem cells into the blood stream. This is essentially what will happen now. The way I understand it is that my body has been knocked down by all the chemo, and the body is no longer producing cells. This round of neupogen shots are used to, once again, stimulate stem cell growth. Again, this is my understanding, that as the stem cells grow and burst into the bloodstream they will develop into the type of cells the body needs. Therefore, it is believed that the body will be able produce new cells in a healthy environment creating a healthy immune system.

Over the past year my health had steadily declined to the point that I could not take a single step with the assistance of a person or walker. I had to be helped in and out of a chair. I could not roll over in bed. I am not telling you all this to feel sorry for me. I am telling you this so that you can truly see the results of my stem cell procedure.

When I was accepted into the stem cell program at Northwestern I simply had a goal to be able to walk with a cane, drive, and be medicine free. I was afraid that I would not have been able to handle a major letdown if this procedure did not work. Now progressing through this procedure it is clear that I had set my goals too low.

Below are some pictures taken to illustrate some of the things I am now able to do.

Photo: Look at how far he can lift his leg up today!
Leg lifts in bed

Walking in the hall with walker

Sitting Criss-Cross

Lounging in chair.  Can now lift legs to reposition himself as well as push the legs down on the recliner with his legs.

On another note, please say a prayer in the morning for my friend Ben and his wife Vineetha.  Ben gets his transplant at 10:00 a.m. Central Time (11:00 Eastern Time)  We're with you all the way, Ben!


  1. Awesome Pictures! I am witnessing a Miracle.... Thank you Lord for Bryan's determination to fight and thank you for the super smart Doctors and Nurses that are helping all of these wonderful people.

    God Bless you Ben and Vineetha.

    Love you,
    Aleta and Mark

  2. Our God is a mighty God! - way to go Bryan!! Tammy (Aleta's cousin)