Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day -6

Well we have had stressful moments and funny moments all in a days work.... I mean hospital stay. 

Bryan was admitted to the 15th floor of Prentice Women's Hospital today, which he says hurts his ego.  To explain my choice for the title of this post, today is called, "Day -6" in the transplant process. Imagine a number line with today being -6 and Day 0 being July 16.  July 16 will be Bryan's stem cell transplant if all goes as planned.  Today was Rituxan (chemo).  Tomorrow through Day -2 is Cytoxan (chemo) and AGT.  Day -1 is AGT only.  AGT is given to completely attack and destroy the immune system.   Day 0 is transplant or your new "birthday".  Day +1 is another dose of Rituxan. It took awhile to get the orders for today's chemo, but around 3:00 p.m. he started the Rituxan.  They pre-medicated him with Benadryl, Tylenol and Dexamethasone.  The Benadryl was an IV push which means the medicine went directly into his IV.  This hit him so quickly, it was almost comical.  You could start to hear the sleepiness in his voice and then he was trying to keep his eyes open.  I made a new rule for our Facebook account that we now have together: When taking medication that may affect your state of consciousness, no posting to Facebook is allowed.  Prior to instating this rule, Bryan had posted a comment in which he left out a key word and signed the post as if it was from the person he was actually writing it to.  Luckily, it was an easily corrected mistake, but I didn't want to take any chances of future damage being done.  Those of you who know Bryan, know that he pretty much says what he is thinking.  He tolerated the Rituxan well today.

After his chemo started, Bryan's nurse told him about the importance of brushing his teeth four times a day and rinsing with the salt and soda mouthwash at least that often.  The nurse was explaining how germs from the mouth enter our bodies and bloodstream, etc. and that the mouth is very dirty.  Bryan's reply, "I know, you should hear some of the things that come out of it!"  To put it mildly, she found him funny. 

On a serious note, I sucked it up and shaved Bryan's head for him with a razor.  Actually, four disposable razors to be exact.  I was so nervous that I would cut him, or tug at his skin.  It was harder than I thought!  In addition, the nurses weren't crazy that we were doing it.  However, they said today would be the safest day because his platelet counts were good.    I think that it turned out okay for my first time shaving someone's head.  I hope it is my last. 

I am finishing this post with a picture of Bryan and his mom.  It is comforting to me that she is here.  The company, support and assistance have been wonderful.  She also provides good comic relief.  :)  She had gone downstairs to step outside.  Abut 20 minutes later, Bryan gets a call- It is his mom and she is stuck in between two doors.  She needed me to come down to help.  No offense, but Bryan and I started busting out laughing.  Our moms have similar luck.  So, I go down to the first floor and I hear an alarm going off.  I see Pam, clearly very upset standing in between two glass doors and I felt bad for laughing only minutes before.  I opened the door and let her back into the hospital.   She told me that when she was exiting the building the first door opened but then the next door would not.  When she tried to come back in the door that she had just exited it was locked.  There is a red button that says, "Push here for emergency".  Of course, like we all would do, she pushed it.  No one ever came to her rescue, except me.  Thank goodness for cell phones.  After we were both calm, we decided we should tell the volunteer at the desk who clearly didn't know anything had happened.  The girl listened with a smirk on her face, trying not to laugh.  She told us that the doors are all on a timer and those automatically lock at 7:00.  That was it.   We told her the alarm was still going off.  She calmly sat there and said "ok".  We turned around and went upstairs, confident that she was going to do nothing with the information we just gave her.  Pam and I decided that we were so glad it wasn't a true emergency!

I can't think of any catchy ending line like Bryan normally does.  However, I have a "Neverism":
Never exit an automatic door at Prentice at exactly 7:00 p.m.  You might get trapped.  

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