Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Heading in the Right Direction

 Disclaimer:  I apologize in advanced to all the English teachers reading tonight's blogs.I usually talk and Ann usually types, but that is not the case tonight. I typed both blogs tonight and my fingers do not work to good. So, please pardon all the typos and misuse of punctuations.

Today has been a test of faith. It started with the unsettling news of our hometown being flooded and ended with an uplifting conversation.

As I wrote in my earlier post we had a rather unconventional start to our day. The news of the flood caused me to have a very bad attitude toward the tasks I needed to accomplish here. I kept wishing I was back home so that I could be of some help. Really? That would just be the saving grace for my town, some fat guy trying to drive his electric scooter through high water rescuing people along the way. The more I thought about it I realized I was actually doing everyone a favor by not being there. I would have most likely done more harm than good.

Seriously, what really eased my mind was the fact that so many people offered to pitch in and help out. Knowing that things will be taken care of back home allowed me to focus on today. With my upcoming hospital stay approaching quickly, it was important that I stay in as positive mindset as I undergo my final preparations.

After finishing off the last of my 4 weeks of IVIG it was off to have my PICC line placed in my upper left arm. The PICC line is a long, slender, small, flexible tube that is inserted into a peripheral vein and advanced until the catheter tip reaches a large vein in the chest near the heart. This little darling will be may saving grace over the next few weeks because I will not need to be continually stuck by needles. Below I have a little picture to give you a better idea of how the PICC line is placed.

 I had finally finished everything needed in order to be ready for my hospital stay. However, my focus was not as sharp as I hoped it would be. I could not help but feel somewhat torn for being here while others were left to deal with my messes. I knew I did not want to go into tomorrow half-hearted. I returned to the apartment hoping to find my drive and focus. Boy did I ever find it.

While hanging out in the apartment a couple that Ann had met at church here in Chicago brought us dinner. Sitting and talking with this couple helped me to realize the importance of kindness and service to others. That is what the flood back home was also trying to teach me. If I want to lend a helping hand I must also be able to accept a helping hand.

Topping off this day, and bringing everything for circle for me, was meeting a man who has MS and is here in Chicago going through his initial evaluation to see if he is eligible for the stem cell program. For about 3 hours tonight Ann and I sat and shared stories and offered advice to this man and his father. I cannot even begin to explain the energy I felt at that table. In the time that we shared with these men it was ever so clear that I can do my share at helping others. Just as the people back home are helping me clean up my house, I am able to pay those feelings forward by sharing my story and providing guidance to others just beginning their stem cell journey.

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  1. Excellently put, you are helping others :) Even when you don't realize it. Leading by example.