Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Today I have been filled with a variety of emotions. This morning we received word that our hometown was flooding. Instantly, I felt that fear that only a parent can feel when they sense their children are in danger. My fear was short lived because after a couple of failed attempts we were able to get in touch with Ann's mother who is staying at our house and watching our daughters. Ann's mother informed us that we had a couple of feet of water in our basement. I felt powerless against the situation and I became angry. In fact for a little while I actually wanted to throw a "poor me" party. Then as the reports came in of families losing their homes and their cars I began to feel guilty. Later, I began to hear the reports of how my community had banded together to assist others affected by the flood waters and I snapped out of my funk.

Hearing the stories and seeing the pictures reminded me that I am a product of my environment. Where I come from we do not fear adversity; we band together and stare adversity in the eyes. Where I come from we lend a helping hand when it is needed. It's these values that I learned from my parents, but these values were re-enforced by my neighbors. Thank you Corning, Ohio and Perry County.

This was taken in Corning, Ohio.  The flag was saved from the flood waters by this boy!

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