Monday, August 19, 2013

Oops....I Overdid It Again

August 19, 2013:

This past week I have discovered that my body and mind are not in sync yet. My rehab workouts consisted of walking on the treadmill for 5 minutes, working on the stepper for 5 minutes, and then concluded with my upperbody band exercises. So, I am putting in about 20 minutes of work each day. In my mind this is nothing more than about 20 minutes of exercise. However, my body was trying to tell me that this was too much.

Over the past week I had been experiencing what I would call "spells". These spells consist of my arms and legs trembling uncontrollably and my energy instantly being sucked from my body. The spells were generally occurring in the evenings and as long as I could sit down immediately the spell would quickly pass. Once the spell passed I felt fine. Therefore, I did not put too much thought into these spells because I knew how to cope with them. I was wrong.

Last Thursday, while Ann and the girls were in bed, I had one of these spells while on my way to the bathroom. I was caught in no-man's land. I could not find a place to sit down and I only had my cane. The result of this spell left me in a crumpled pile on the bathroom floor. The pain instantly shot through my right foot and up my shin. As I laid there, waiting for Ann to once again come to my rescue, I was sure something was broken.

The next day my foot was bruised, swollen, and painful to walk on. It was off to get an x-ray for me. The good news was the x-ray came back negative. Dodged a bullet there. This was a wake up call for me to pay more attention to what my body is telling me. With this foot injury, I have been forced to cut back on my workouts. In return, I have not have a single spell until today.

Today I was out and about getting my blood draw and picking up prescriptions. When I returned from running around I went directly to my chair and remained there until dinner. As I was on my way to the kitchen table I was hit with another spell. The worst part is not knowing when one of these spells is going to occur.

I have spoken with the nurses in Chicago and they feel that I am just overdoing it. I have put the cane on the shelf and gone back to the walker. My thought process is that I can conserve some of my energy by using a walker as opposed to using my cane. The walker I have has a seat on it; so no matter where I am I will always be able to just sit down when I feel a spell coming on. I also need to scale back my workouts and make sure I am getting proper rest in between workouts.

It seems like so long ago, but I am just over 1 month post transplant. I am very pleased with the results I am seeing and feeling. The hardest part is that my mind thinks that my body should being doing things it is not quite ready for. This foot injury is only a minor setback. I will continue to push the limits. Once I find the limits, I will then back off a little.

I know I push myself too hard. I know I bring a lot of misery upon myself because I push so hard. Honestly, this is all I know. I have had to push through pain and fatigue my entire life. It is going to take me a little while to adjust. I just hope that as I am learning my limits I do not break anything major.

Thanks again for checking in. More to come next week.


  1. You have to take care of yourself and find your limits. I had back surgery and had similar issues. God bless!

  2. Eddie Nash here. Forgive me if I am preaching to the choir but just a thought. In my mind I picture your body with the STILL BARE WIRING exposed and rubbing together. The more exercise the more rubbing. And the new insulation is not yet very thick. SO too much activity is rubbing the wiring on the nerve pathways and making the wires/nerves short out. The the mini electrical storm occurs. Does that make sense?