Monday, October 21, 2013

3 Month Update

October 21, 2013

Last Wednesday marked 3 months since my stem cell transplant. Reaching this milestone came with the reward of no longer taking my antibiotic. I will still continue to take my antiviral and anti-fungal. Although it is nice to see my pill count dwindle, I am a little apprehensive about not having my antibiotic during the flu season. Well, I will just have to wash my hands and be a little more cautious around others.

The greatest change that I have endured over this past 90 days is not one that can be seen. I am no longer ashamed of my illness. I no longer feel inferior to others. I now realize that I have endured and persevered through trials and tribulations that would bring most people to their knees. When you gain confidence on the inside there is no need to worry about how you are portrayed on the outside.

Beside from the confidence I am gaining, I am also experiencing some very exciting physical results. One of the first things I have been noticing is that I am forgetting to use my cane. I often find myself roaming around the house and all of a sudden I realize I do not have my cane. I am taking this as a good sign that my body is becoming strong and not that I am just losing my mind.

Another area of improvement for me has been stairs. I currently live in a 2 story home. Prior to my stem cell transplant I relied on a chair lift to transition between the upstairs and downstairs. Now, I can walk up and down the stairs with only the assistance of the railing. I keep thinking that one day I will rip that chair lift off my stairs, throw it out into the road and run over it repeatedly with my truck. Then I remember that even though I may not need it in the future, it may be able to help someone else out. I can still dream about it though.

In regards to sensation, it seems to currently be a little hit and miss. I definitely have gained both strength and increased sensations in my hands. My feet and legs are certainly getting stronger, but they don't seem to have progressed much in the last month. However, both my upper and lower body are remarkably stronger and I have regained quite a bit of sensations in both areas. I just feel that my upper body is recovering faster than my lower body.

Over the past several months I have had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people who have forever touched my life. I cannot forget the countless others that I have been able to communicate with through Facebook and blogs similar to mine. Undergoing the stem cell transplant has been a complete mind, body, and soul healing process for me. The future for me and my family seems so much brighter.

For this week I have another request. Before you turn out your lights, could you please say a pray for all those who are undergoing a stem cell transplant.

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