Monday, January 20, 2014

Back to the Future

January 20, 2014

Well the party hats and kazoos have been put away and the pity party is over. However, for my next pity party I am definitely having cake and ice cream. Maybe even streamers. I wonder why the party stores never carry any "pity party" party supplies? Much obliged for all the kind words and kicks in the pants that I needed.

 Life is not a perfect sequence of events that are neatly laid out in front of us. Life is a long and curvy road. Along the way we will encounter many obstacles. Some good. Some not so good. This past week I went back and revisited my blog. It is easy to sit here and offer words of encouragement, but it is another thing to have those words staring back at you. Doing this reminded me just how far I have come. Reading through my blog also reminded me of how scared of the future I was. I worried that life would pass me by as I wasted away. I no longer have those worries. It is now time to get BACK TO THE FUTURE.

This week has been eventful to say the least. I have had the opportunity to meet and be inspired by some amazing people. My new friend Ken has promised to teach me how to fly fish and how to weld. I can't wait to catch a fish on a fly rod and then weld it to my truck. (Sorry PETA it is a joke). Ken and his wife Crystal are amazing people who have some of the biggest hearts of just about anyone I have met. They have such wonderful stories and have done so by overcoming many hurdles. They are continually paying it forward.

So, what have I learned this week? I have learned that I am still stubborn as a mule. My CIDP may be under control, but there is no stopping my cabin fever. I have learned to be more thankful for the things that I can do. I have learned that as much as I once despised Facebook it is a wonderful tool to connect with others. I have learned that my wife is right more often than not and I need to listen to her more. Yes I admitted it. Men please do not think less of me, but Ann has been on a roll and I need to give her credit. Finally, I have learned the importance of keeping your heart open to new opportunities and relationships.

Since today is the International Day of Acceptance I thought it would be fitting to leave you with another quote from the Bible. "Therefore, as we have opportunity, LET US DO GOOD TO ALL, especially those who are a household of faith" (Gal. 6:10).

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